Lab Services

Klear Energy Services has expanded the lab services staff and testing capabilities to provide timely and accurate data to support the oilfield and general water treatment industries. Standard water analyses can be turned around in a day when needed, providing the information necessary to make decisions that can save you time and money. Click on the link for a free water analysis on any page of this web site. We provide integrated, comprehensive data and systems for managing water and wastewater programs, selecting proper treatment chemicals, and preserving resources. Klear Energy Services can adapt to meet the unique goals of every customer.

Our total-systems approach to water and chemical management empowers customers to achieve their objectives for reducing costs and improving performance. Klear Energy Services specializes in:

Picking the correct frac chemicals and the proper dosing rate

Reusing frac flow back and well production water

  • Standard water analysis
  • Water treatability testing
  • Flow back and production brine testing (provides frac fluid design efficacy confirmation and provides data to allow for reuse on subsequent wells)
  • Water reuse confirmation (treatment regimes, blending, or use water “as is”)
  • Clay control justification
  • Microemulsion and nonemulsifier selection
  • Frac fluid design compatibility studies (FR, Gel, Breakers, Scale Control, Microbiocides)
  • NORM and TENORM testing
  • FR Loop studies
  • Core Flow Analysis
  • High-temperature/High-Pressure Rheology
  • Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR)
  • Geochemical modeling
  • Ion chromatography (IC)
  • Contact Angle Analyzer
  • Mutek particle charge analyzer

Klear Energy Services can customize the lab support to meet your specific needs. Accurate lab studies can allow you to “feed only what you need” by selecting the proper chemicals, and feeding the effective dosages.
We analyze your flow back to check for chemical residuals and track parameters to confirm that the frac fluid design was proper and effective. Klear Energy Services helps you choose your chemical needs with rapid and accurate lab data. All of the chemicals that we recommend are chosen as a result of testing them with your water source/quality.

When Klear Energy Services uses your water for the chemical selection process, we pick the correct FR or gel agent, the appropriate biocides and scale control chemicals when necessary, and do post job evaluations to confirm our program efficiency.