Salt Water Disposal Wells

Klear Energy Services understands the importance of protecting your assets and making your disposal well business more efficient and profitable. Our products and services will:

  • Protect the near bore-hole formation permeability
  • Enhance the injectivity profile
  • Protect the equipment and extend filter run time
  • Increase capture of free and emulsified oils
  • Mitigate problems when receiving water with high viscosity (gel) loadings
  • Reduce pumping time/pressure

The strength of our programs are tied to proper chemical selection, exemplary lab support, and field service for:

  • geochemicalDetailed water analyses
  • Scale/geochemical modeling profiles
  • Corrosion studies
  • Microbiocide efficacy testing
  • Injection fluid compatibility
  • Feed point optimization
  • Operator training
  • Service reports

The Klear Energy Services product line includes:

  • Scale inhibitors
  • Biocides
  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • Gel breakers
  • Microemulsions/solvents
  • Clay stabilizers
  • Gas scavengers
  • Emulsifiers

The Klear Energy Services team can deliver bulk, totes, drums or pails to your location. Our experienced field representatives can coordinate sample collection, lab evaluations, product selection and loading, and can recommend and install the appropriate feed equipment. We conduct operator training to safely and effectively use our programs.