Water Treatment/Reuse

Oilfield Water Reuse Products and Services

Ensure safe and effective 100% water reuse for your hydrofracturing and coiled tubing applications. Klear Energy Services uses our strong water treatment knowledge coupled with lab support and frac fluid design considerations, enabling proper reuse of flow back and production brines.

There are a variety of technologies such as conventional sedimentation, electrocoagulation, and filtration being proposed for reuse water in the oilfield industry. In many instances, simply blending with fresh or minimal filtration will meet your needs. We can help you pick the best approach at the lowest cost.

Water quality impact on the frac fluid design is often not understood when considering which technology is best or when water analysis goals are set. Klear Energy Services can confirm the correct technology and match water quality to the correct friction reducer or gel loading and recommend the best scale control and biocide when reusing water.

Products and services related to proper water reuse are:

  • geochemicalCoagulants
  • Coagulant aids
  • Divalent cation (Ca++, Ba++) reduction chemicals
  • pH control chemicals
  • Filtration aids
  • Water/frac fluid design compatibility confirmation
  • Microbiocides
  • Rapid/accurate water analyses
  • FR loop confirmation
  • Geochemical scale modeling profiles
  • Biocide efficacy studies
  • Select the proper treatment technology and confirm water treatment goals

The Klear Energy Services team can deliver bulk, totes, drums or pails to your location. Our experienced field representatives can coordinate sample collection, lab evaluations, product selection and loading, and can recommend and install the appropriate feed equipment. We conduct operator training to safely and effectively use our programs.